EFARD Governance

EFARD is managed by a Management Team, comprising 5-6 persons; the Chair, Vice Chair and Executive Secretary and 2-3 other members representing a broad range of stakeholder groups and national fora of member countries. The EC has observer status.

The Executive Secretary is responsible for managing the Forum and acting on decisions on behalf of the Management Team.


The implementation of EFARD activities is generally the responsibility of the broader membership.

Strategic Actions

Build legitimacy of EFARD as representative of all ARD stakeholders in Europe.

Promote more effective linkages and synergies between European stakeholders working with Agricultural Research and Agricultural Research for Development.

Advocate for recognition of development needs and priorities in European-level and national agricultural research programmes.

Broaden and strengthen geographical base of EFARD through increased participation of European countries.

Successful implementation of cooperation projects with southern partners, including drawing out lessons for further inter-regional partnerships

Development and strengthening of partnerships between Europe and Asia/Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa and Central Asia and Caucasus.

Strengthen Europe's contribution to the global ARD system


Support the implementation of the GCARD Road Map




Strategic Objectives

EFARD aims to meet the following three strategic objectives, referring to European, global and inter-regional perspectives.


  • To encourage dialogue between European ARD stakeholder groups promoting awareness, innovative approaches, and partnerships in order to build a more efficient and impact focused ARD.

  • To strengthen Europe's contribution to the global ARD systems and the GCARD process. 

  • To promote inter-regional partnerships and collaborative ARD activities foraddressig the development priorities  and acheving greater impact, particularly in developing countries.


The EFARD Strategy 2015-2017 can be downloaded 



 Management Team 2015-2017

 Former Management Team

Vision & Mission

EFARD's vision is equitable and sustainable agricultural development, enhanced food and nutrition security, improved rural livelihoods and poverty alleviation through the mobilisation of European expertise and financial resources for ARD.

EFARD’s mission is to provide a European multi-stakeholder platform of ARD stakeholders to promote more effective demand-driven and impact-focused ARD by building partnerships within Europe and between Europe and other continents.


EFARD is an umbrella network of European research and non- research stakeholders  from public and private European organisations and the European Commission.

EFARD aims to strengthen the contribution of European Agricultural Research for Development (ARD) to poverty alleviation, food security, nutrition and sustainable development in developing countries by providing a platform for strategic dialogue among European stakeholder groups and building research and innovation partnerships between European and Southern ARD communities.

EFARD members

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European Forum on Agricultural Research for Development


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