Strategic objective 3

Objective 3 recognises that EFARD is a regional forum under the umbrella of GFAR. EFARD has valuable experience to share, and can both strengthen the capacity of, and learn from, other regional fora through the establishment of inter-regional platforms and other forms of cooperation.

Noting that Europe is a major provider of ARD finance, inter-regional cooperation can strengthen the voice of developing country partners in setting the research agenda as well as build capacity to form innovative partnerships to compete successfully for research funding and implement research programmes funded by the European Commission and Member States.

The Platform for African-European Partnership on Agricultural Development (PAEPARD) has been established with funding from the European Commission linking Europe and Africa (FARA), and studies are underway to investigate appropriate forms of inter-regional cooperation specifically related to fora in Asia and Pacific (APAARI), Latin America (FORAGRO), Middle East and North Africa (AARINENA) and Central Asia and Caucasus (CACAARI).


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