Strategic Actions

In the period 2011-2013, the following main actions have been identified to support EFARD's strategic objectives:

 Action 1 - Europe:

  • Build legitimacy of EFARD as representative of all ARD stakeholders in Europe.
  • Facilitate emergence of multi-stakeholder dialogue at national level.
  • Promote more effective linkages and synergies between European stakeholders working with Agricultural Research and Agricultural Research for Development.
  • Advocate for recognition of development needs and priorities in European-level and national agricultural research at programmes.
  • Broaden and strengthen geographical base of EFARD through increased participation of European countries

Action 2 - Global:
  • Support the planning and organisation of GCARD 2 
  • Strengthen Europe's contribution to the global ARD information system.
  • Support the implementation of the GCARD Road Map
Action 3 – Inter-regional:
  • Successful implementation of PAEPARD, including drawing out lessons for further inter-regional partnerships.
  • Development and strengthening of partnerships between Europe and Asia/Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and North Africa and Central Asia and Caucasus.

EFARD develops two year rolling Work Plans and annual Action Plans based on its strategic objectives. Given its current institutional status and resource base, EFARD will be opportunistic in building on activities currently supported by its members and will make use of proxy agencies to implement some of these activities.



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